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miðvikudagur, ágúst 14, 2013 a coat

i'd like to buy a coat
with big pockets
one with a neutral color so it goes well with all my other clothes
one that will tolerate me even though i still smoke sometimes
one that will keep me warm and sane in the endless winters of my life
one that will make me feel like if my mother was hugging me
one that will allow me to softly recollect the perfume of the people i lost
(only if i really want to do it because it usually just makes me sad)
one that will age with me and i'll still use it and no one will get mad about it
one with a hood so i can pretend i'm someone else while wearing it if i want to
one i can just close and sleep inside in case i don't feel like going back home
or want to die

rafael at 12:45 f.h.

da memória.