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sunnudagur, júlí 29, 2012 drag yourself, asshole

i feel like a shadow
following people on sad streets
people tell me i'm alive
sometimes it's hard to believe.
as rain echoes in my head
familiar voices touch my ear
fingering pages of the past
i close my eyes, i am not here;
i bite this hand to ease my pain
memories are nothing but a game
i don't remember the rules, dear friend
i play and bet the blood in my veins
they win, i don't care
it was worth taking a dare
the board is clear, the window's closed
still inside feels cold,
and i wouldn't even come near if i were you
humbly crumbling as i walk
i'm tired of listening people talk
i hope everything falls apart
the more i am the less i am
i hope everything goes down
the more i live the less i am

rafael at 2:20 f.h.
þriðjudagur, júlí 10, 2012 strange days

i dreamt we were dressed as rabbits
there was a rainbow somewhere
she took off her hood
and showed me the way
i stepped in her hole
then started very strange days
we walked through a castle
holding hands and singing the cure
our dreams were so close
i guess sandman used some glue
we woke up in the morning
i thought she had my soul
our eyes they were still blazing
and the clock ticked like a bull
i washed my face in a tyrant's rage
to see what's still considered me
she was standing behind me
said hey, you forgot this
and wrapped me up with her tiny arms
and pulled me back to bed
when we left home to go somewhere
i made sure to open the door-
i didn't tell her of my fears
she smiled and said, let's go
we saw silhouettes and street cones
but we only kicked a few stones
we were standing at the bus station at night
and a blind man came screaming
the world is beautiful, ain't that right
we went to a friend's house
and put all of the portraits upside down
we jumped out of the window
and fell into a cloud
the cloud had this very particular color
we had never seen before
we decided to give it a name
sorry guys i forgot what it was
we discussed about the universe
and concluded it was to blame
for all of this desperate urgency
to live and die in vain
then we looked at some birds
fly away we didn't see where
yeah they're very good memories
too bad she was never there

rafael at 1:03 f.h.

das memórias.