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fimmtudagur, maí 15, 2008 drowning in cosmo canyon

where do you take me, falling star? where is you home? where do you come from? take me there, take me to the cold, cold part of this world, across the oceans, across the seas, across the universe between you and me, long, long way around, long walking hours, long silent times, i need your eyes, and i need them from my insides, like echoes, repeating with the same intensity, taking vast parts of me, not giving them back, like a thief, like somebody who wants me dead, dragging me away from wherever i am today, it was hard to breathe, my hopes, my dreams, my stars, a blink away from me: burning, i returned to the planet, where i did not find a tear to tell me why, where, how, who, am i.

rafael at 11:55 e.h.

da memória.