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fimmtudagur, febrúar 21, 2008 makes me d_i__s___a____p_____p______e_______a________r

do i let go to live
do i leave to let go?

the hands, your hands
a phantom,
floating on me...

the crystal balls, the old puppy dolls,
the window, the curtain, the closed doors,
the small bloodstains your life did not hide,
the fragile dreams we were not afraid to handle,
the tear gas, leaving hope, the idiots,
the flowers, the pins,
take it slow;
the future, the broken needles,
to the end of a show,
to the hillside,
i feel i must go

away from the world where the wind blows
some lives have come and gone
and i am now a lonely star
i find myself in the times
when god was an angry childish voice
burning down his own home
long before he was crucified
in the divine curse to look forever after
the world
he had just destroyed

the world didn't change, did it?
and we... we didn't change... did we?

rafael at 4:51 f.h.

da memória.