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föstudagur, febrúar 15, 2008 the legend of fenrir the tower

of a green tower / towering above the rest / in the desert

i have seen better days i have seen clear water i have seen brighter clouds i have seen the sky is blue my needles my own pain for today i am lost the sun is sinking the sun is dripping on me i am going down the sun is blue the clouds are clear i have seen better pain i am sinking about i am going down slipping by the ground the sky is cold the world is blur i have seen better blur blurred days have seen better clouds i am going down dripping on the world blurring one's crusade

hold on / the desert is a bridge; / all i ever wanted was to reach the skies / i have seen better skies / i must start again / fail / and try again

this is a tale my children told me, and in the future, will be told by my children's children to its parents. the story will repeat. it will never die. it never died.

rafael at 3:46 f.h.

da memória.