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sunnudagur, apríl 30, 2006 the stars aren't dead (time is a liar)

the dolls won't stop dancing
as long as the water falls
as long as the promises echo

time will show us the way
and then maybe, just maybe
we'll stay
the same.

follow the way through the green valleys
wind calls
and we don't know where from or where to
and we don't care

maybe we'll reach a village or two
where people are still alive and the law is the world
we'll be pleased to meet them and then turn back and run

we'll forget the past and make our own post-tomorrow
and the snow
that's our new world

and then maybe, just maybe
the clocks will still tick and show us time
so we can see how meaningless time is
and then maybe, just maybe
for a moment alone
time won't matter at all.

rafael at 2:11 e.h.

da memória.