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þriðjudagur, maí 17, 2005 anguish, mommy

japanese inscriptions
surrounded by happy faces
that pointed at me and laughed out loud
feathers that could even fly
leaf-circled eyes
but why so green and lonely?
all those boys who couldn't sing
they stole this voice from me

beating, beating
can't help my breath
going out
going away
going out

oh boy you're so careless
don't fix your eyes at me or you will die
look at my lips
look at my tears
is it my feelings,
is it my fears?

hollow, safe, in a dry place and
left alone in a dark room
remaining voices keep asking
and asking and asking and asking
if is that you
the one who will look down and say

say i'm not blacklisted?
i never wished letters

grant me your wings.

rafael at 11:11 e.h.

da memória.